Sergio Rossi Slingback

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*clears throat*

Let me proudly present you with the Nude Sergio Rossi Slingback I’ve got awhile ago. They are peep toes, 4 inches, Nude Patent Leather AND amazingly comfortable. I am not even joking at how comfortable these 4 inchers are. I own another pair of 4inches which is by YSL, they are not nearly as comfortable as these one.

The insole of the Sergio Rossi is made incredibly well; it fits the feet like a sock. Of course, if you don’t like slingbacks, Sergio Rossi do carry this colour and style in a pump.
Anyways, check them out if you are looking for a comfortable shoe for graduation prom, business dinner, date ….. You can literally run in them (well, I might be exaggerating on this one). 
I got mine in a local department store called Lane Crawford.I am sure there are retailers for Sergio Rossi alll around the world. If not, check the store locator out.


June 13th. Mini Haul

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Two products I’ve bought today at SASA
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion SPF 50+ PA +++
Clinique derma White Clinical brightening essence
My wig from vivianwig has arrived today. This wig is called a half head wig. From its name, this wig does not cover the whole head but only the back part of the head. You can either pin up your bangs (like what I did) so that your own hair will blend in with the wig or you can wear a hairband to cover up where the wig sits on your head. I think this half head style is most ideal for summertime since having the entire head covered with a wig is probably too hot. As you can see, the result is very natural. I like it very very much. Very impressed with how it turns out. This is currently selling at 79 RMB. Contact me if you need more info. 
That’s it for now. 
Love, Christy

craving for some mustard???

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New polish from Bourjois. 

These two colours I got from their new collection are the 36 Jaune Trendy and 42 Orange Creation. I was going to get the green minty colour, but I recall myself ordering a similar colour on eyeko. I am still waiting for that to come in the mail. I fell in love with the mustard colour right away as this isn’t the most common colour you can find. Then, the orange colour caught my eye also! 
However, these enamels are not the easiest enamel to apply. They are very thick in texture which means that you have to try to obtain very tiny amount for the first time and apply a very thin layer, or else you might create clumps or bumps when applying the second layer. I got quite frustrated while applying this evening, but I could be a very bad at applying nail polish though. However, I am loving the colour to bits and pieces. 

On the side note, Bourjois HongKong is currently having a promotion right now. If you buy three nail enamels, you will get a 125ml Gentle Nail Enamel Remover for free. It claims to be scented with red fruits and vanilla and also not to dry out the nails. Anyhow, if it does dry up my nails and makes my nails crack, I will let you guys know as soon as possible, but in the meantime, I need to finish up my other bottle of nail polish remover first. =P 
Love, Christy

New ring

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This is the new reptile ring I got from H&M..
for only 69 HKD (if I remember correctly)
Loving it to death!!!
Just want to share this interesting purchase
Love, Christy

Find out about your face shape

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What’s the shape of your face?
Mine’s a oblong face shape.. Never heard of it~ 
Love, Christy

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