Review on Fresh Light Sugar Ash Foam Hairdye

March 21, 2011 § 4 Comments

Hello everyone, 
As promised, I will do a review on the Fresh Light Sugar Ash Foam Hairdye.
Below is my hair before the colouring. I recently took out my extension and cut it short again. You can see the roots are black and the bottom part has a little bit of black showing. So I thought, what a perfect time to try out the new hair dye kit I bought. 
So before using this foam hairdye from fresh light, I actually went on to bleach my hair little bit with the Gatsby bleaching kit. Because I wanted the colour to show more, I decided that I needed lighter base on my hair. 
The picture below shows the post-application of the foam formula. 
These pictures show the result. I am not too satisfied with the result. Because although I’ve bleached my hair to a dark blonde hair, the result is still darker than I thought. However, what I like about this is my hair is very ashy in real life especially under the sun. 
With artificial fluorescent lighting
with regular white lightbulb
With a bit of sunlight
After thought: THIS HAIR DYE DRIPS like crazzzzzzy~ I had to shorten the process to 15 minutes because it was dripping all over my towel and my neck! OMGOSH… Although the colour choices are nice (cuz of my love for ashy hair), I would definitely not use this again. I actually found the cream formula much better, at least it doesn’t drip like this one. BUT I do have to state the fact that cuz my hair is short, it actually promotes the dripping to happen. Maybe if you have long hair and then wrap it with plastic wrap, it won’t drip as much. But overall, I would only give it a 2/5 for the crazy dripping and the inconsistent result to the hair colour chart shown on its packaging / official website. 

§ 4 Responses to Review on Fresh Light Sugar Ash Foam Hairdye

  • nat says:

    is the first two “before” picture already bleached with gasby bleach

  • Christy says:

    hi, nope. I forgot to show the results after bleaching. Just imagine two shades lighter for post-bleaching

  • sel says:

    Hey!!! I just wanted to ask, after you dyed your hair did it look brown at all?? Especially under the light?? I've just recently dyed my hair Sugart Ash and its come out looking kinda brown under lighting… Doesn't look very ashy…

  • Christy says:

    It was kind of brownish looking under sunlight, but for me, it was quite ashy~ However, the colour faded in two weeks time. >< I am quite disappointed with this product to be honest.

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