Satchels by …

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By the looks of these satchels, they kind of resembles the one made by Cambridge Satchel Company(CSC) . But just by looking at the pictures, it seems like these ones by Dr. Martens are much softer and have lots more details in them. These satchels by Dr. Martens are selling in five colours: Black, Maroon, White, Green and Navy Blue. They will be selling at £125.00 which is pretty much the same as the ones for CSC. Below is a picture of a satchel by CSC (in which I got from UrbanOutfitters)


Karl Lagerfeld is getting hitched~

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… with Baptiste Giabiconi

This once again proves to me that gay people are much better looking… Mr. Giabiconi looks like me a very gooood looking guy… Anyways, they will be having their wedding this years summer on an island in Vermont (that Karl Lagerfeld bought in 2008). 


AWKWARD modeling poses

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credit: Brie @ lovelyish ♥


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Ever since their second album, I have been in love with the vocals of BEG (Brown Eyed Girls). However, at that time, I was not aware of how they look like. I was solely attracted to them thru their strong and powerful vocals. When I found out how our maknae Ga-in, with great amt of charisma, looks like, I became a NO 1 fangirl of her. =D

I haven’t been doing much fashion related things lately. Going through some life changes at the moment.

busy with…

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Since my whiteberry is geting quite dirty now, I am been searching everywhere for the perfect customized blackberry housing. I bought a cheap one from a chinese manufacturer and the fit isn’t great. Today, I’ve stumbled upon Eric’s blog (CLICK TO VISIT HIS BLOG) and saw the most amazing customized housing for blackberry. He even does the installation for you. However, the down side is.. he lives in Malaysia and I live in HK. So it’s impossible for him to assemble my phone for me. BUT BUT BUT.. I am an EE.. so I am definitely bold enough to take up the challenge of assembling the housing myself. So now the problem is.. WHICH ONE SHLD I GET????
PLEASE do help me pick!!!


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Siwy jeans is launched from Michelle Siwy in NYC in Spring 2005. It has gained its popularity and formed a cult when style/fashion icon Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Rachel Bilson started carrying these collections on a regular basis.
Each piece has a handcraft logo at the back pocket in which is made out of soft fabric. The unique wash and torns of the siwy jeans also creates a flattering and chic fit. Siwy is sold on its own online store and also at Harvey Nichols and Lane Crawford in Hong Kong.
My pair of Hannah just arrived in the mail. The cut is fabulous, and the fabric is so soft.


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So I have spent 3 hours today looking for the perfect wallet: Chloé Elsie Long Wallet in Navy ♥

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