Black Lipgloss

December 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

I got a Dior black lipgloss as xmas present from Aunt Anna. I’ve seen one in M.A.C. but never had the urge to buy it cuz you know, black lip simply doesnt seem to work.. But it turned out to be quite good.. Especially with my pale skin and my dark hair. But I look like a vampire. So probably not a good idea to wear it out in daylight. I used plum colour lipstick as base then black lipgloss on top. Result is shown as below.



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who colours their own hair with drugstore haircolouring kit??? I DO!!! It’s cheap, convenient, and you can do it anytime you want. But what I seriously hate is the lack of colour choices that are available in HK drugstores. The red and blonde shades are lacking for obvious reasons. Asians do not look good with red hair, and our hair is too dark to reach blonde just by dyeing. To get blonde hair, we have to go through the process of bleaching (maybe two to three times if we want to go platinum). I remember back in July when I was in Vancouver thinking what colour my hair shld become… I was so caught up with all those colour choices I saw.. I decided to go red because my skin is on the fair/pale side even though I am asian. I got a bleach kit to ensure that my hair can reach as red as possible. However, the bad side is the red faded after a month and I was back in HK after that month. I regretted not buying a year of supplies when I was in Vancouver. So how did I get from being brunette to being a red head? I used the two kits below. Tomorrow morning, I will be turning my choco hair to blue black. welcome emo hair~

Merry Xmas – episode 2

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This year has been the same as last year.. Nothing much special happened. I didn’t go out on xmas eve to count down or anything. I stayed home and had a warm count down in the shower. LOL~ however, there are a few exciting xmas present that I’ve received. First is my new camera~ OLYMPUS E-PL1. Woohoo~ now I don’t have to bring out my super big DSLR to have nice-ass pix. Second, I got two handbag, one from mom and one from dad. ♥ My mom repeatly reminded me that I am done with handbag shopping for the year 2011… WHAT?? hahaha lmao…. so please allow me to show you my lovely babies that I have bought home this afternoon.

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Lane Crawford xmas SALE

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Anyways, I will be doing this post in Chinese since Lane Crawford is only situated in Hong Kong and Beijing. 作為Lane Crawford會員,每年聖誕節都會收到Lane Crawford寄來的電郵關於他們一年兩度的大減價。早兩年,我還會對這大減價充滿期待,因為差不多每件貨物都有打折,最利害的是,一對$6500的YSL pump,我可以用$1900帶他回家。但是,這兩年,這個瘋狂大減價已不存在。他們所指的,只是一些賣得比較差的,才會打5折。其他比較好賣的,或者牌子比較出名的,只會打9折,甚至不減價。所以,這兩年,我根本未能籍著大減價的機會,帶一些心頭好回家。今年,我也會去逛逛吧。可能會有驚喜呢。大家都不妨去看看了。


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OK~ Here we go. 
I ain’t gonna talk. 
I think the pictures speak for themselves ♥
EYE-CANDY only post.


magic shampoo

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Ok, this is really off topic BUT I remember reading somewhere that there is this shampoo that Britney Spears used for faster hair growth. I am sure I wasn’t dreaming! She had her hair grew 12 inches longer in 6 months, so that averages to 2 inches per month. Is that even possible? Just by using shampoo alone? Seriously, I am trying to grow my hair, and it seems like it’s taking forever. My hair grows fast already, average abt 1 inch per month. But u know, the more you anticipate something to happen, the slow it comes. That’s the situation I am going through right now. It’s driving me nuts. Also, I am at transition phase where I either let it be ugly or cut it. I personally think I look better in short hair, well better in the stylish sense. I look more unique and I feel like more of myself. But I have had short hair for too long, I guess I needed a change. Well, if long hair is really bad and not for me, I can always cut it again. So, back to the question, is there such shampoo???

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