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Top it with ur favourite leather jacket + shorts.
You r soo ready to go!!

Although khaki and knits are the new black this season,black is still the base colour for most stylish outfits.MIX THE MATCH, mix black with demin, khaki, knit… anything u want!BLACK is also a bonus if you r short because the colour elongates your length vertically!GONNA keep ur black..



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where is my WINE? I am soo drained lately. I need some energy boost.
Let’s chillax with this music.

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Meant To Be

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This is what was meant to be
Took so long for you and me
I figured out the way to go
Yes I know you told me so
Now I have the eyes to see


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just came across some street fashion shots I absolutely adore.
there is no strict rules about fashion.
fashion is experimenting // trial & error // engineering with a creative mind
it is not about what others think and what others like; it’s about how you want to present yourself because your fashion speaks for you & it speaks your mind.

↑↑ london street fashion – vintage, raw, chic ↑↑

↑↑ Copenhagen street fashion – colourful, sophisticated, classy ↑↑

7:13 pm

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my beloved friends are far away from fashion \\ the nature of my career is as far away as fashion as u can imagine \\ my masters degree is trying to bring me close to fashion though \\ I have 5 closets in my room \\ all with fashion in it \\ I have a stack of books \\ fashion magazine we call it \\ I am an engineer \\ I engineer outfit on my free time \\ shoes makes me happy \\ I have a serious bothersome headache going on \\ need rest


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❤ Late Night Alumniwhat’s better than to chillax with this sound?
I think white shirt with distressed levis 501 cutoff + white keds.What r u thinking?

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