old times

May 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have been doing some nostalgic thinking lately. Suddenly, I realized that I have changed so much ever since I moved back here. I was a way better person before I move back. I was less materialistic, less arrogant, less cocky, less hypocritical… I was brighter, happier and friendlier. I don’t know. I need to change back to whom I was. Although I am a much stronger person now, I would still rather be more dependent. It’s tiring. I need some efficient ways to make myself feel more at ease, this whole pampering myself every two weeks thing isn’t really working. I need a confidence boost. I cared about how I looked, but not to an extent that I MUST wear makeup before I step out of the door. Where is this insecurity coming from anyways??

o…. today is prob one of those days when I feel emo. so yah… i m heading to bed now. gnite.


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